Tying Your Own Turban Part 3: The Turban Twist!

Hi all and welcome to the third and final instalment for this series of DIY turban tying; I have to say I am so flattered that you guys have actually read my blog posts and tutorials and have shared your outcomes on social media! It really does mean a lot to me that you have enjoyed having a go at these tutorials and have found them useful, I do hope to do a couple more in the future but I think I need to blog about a few other topics before I bring in another turban series.

So anyway, the final instalment is probably the most elaborate (it is still fairly straightforward) and I think it is one of the most visually striking: it’s the one I refer to as a “Turban Twist”. This one does work best with a fabric with some stretch to help hold it in place, I recommend a thin jersey fabric which you should be able to find at your local market for a few quid (dollars/euros/etc). I think a soft thin cotton would also work, but I personally would avoid silks or slippy fabrics.

What will I need?


  • Piece of fabric – I source mine from the local market but a 1.5m long piece by 0.5m width is plenty big enough. You will need at least this length to get a good drape on the side, you can opt for longer too! I recommend to use some with stretch (jersey fabric) to get a tighter fit to the head and achieve a nice tight twist but I think a soft cotton can also work.
  • Bobby pins – optional
  • Hair Net – optional
  • Accessories –brooches/flowers/feathers – optional. I like to accessorise my turbans for more drama and for this turban, I think a nice brooch is needed to help hide the knot (you will see what I mean later)


You want to ensure that the hair that you do not want on show (this could be all of it or most of it) is secured to the head. This makes it much easier to assemble the turban but also ensures that the turban will fit nicely around the shape of your head. I recommend using bobby pins to fix the hair or alternatively you can use a hairnet to capture your hair and keep it all together. These can be bought cheaply online (eBay etc). Once your hair is fixed, you are ready to go!


Follow these simple steps to create your own turban twist:

  1. Hold your fabric out lengthways and find roughly the point 1/3 of the way along – you want to have unequal lengths of fabric either side of the head so as to be able to create the twist section.20170122_131203
  2. Place the fabric behind your head and then fold over the front edge underneath so that the turban edge that runs over the top of the head is neat. I fold approximately 1-2 inches over as shown. The image on the left shows the extra fabric to the left side whereas the picture to the right shows the excess fabric to the right of my head.
  3. Place the fabric over the head, leaving out any hair at the front that you may wish to have on show. I typically style mine with a front roll, either in the centre or to one side as pictured here. Of course you don’t have to show any hair if you don’t wish to!
  4. Gather the fabric over the head and tuck in the hair underneath so that there is no hair poking out at the bottom. Try to make sure that the bottom edge of the fabric that sits under the nape of your neck is also tucked under as this will create a smooth shape and line. Tip: at this stage you may wish to use bobby pins to secure the fabric to your head. I don’t personally but it is helpful when getting to grips with creating these styles as there is less pressure on you having to make sure the fabric doesn’t slip!
  5. Gather the fabric at either side of your head (at the nape of your neck) and then cross them over behind the neck so that the excess fabric on the left side is now passed to the right and vice versa. This will create tension across the fabric covering your head and will ensure that the turban will stay in place. Twist the fabric a couple of times at either side of the base of your head to help secure it.
  6. With whichever side you have the longest piece of fabric, start to twist this tightly (I twist mine in a clockwise direction to help keep everything looking neat from the front) – this will create a long, thin (ish) twisted ‘tube’.
  7. Bring this twisted section up and over your head. I recommend positioning this within the front half of your head to prevent it from wanting to slip backwards!
  8. Once the twist section reaches the other side of your head, below the ear, tie this section with the other piece of fabric located on that side. You should have a twist ‘crown’ that is tied at one side.
  9. Neaten up the knot (tuck in any stray bits of fabric etc) and use a brooch to cover the knot. Splay out the excess drapey fabric section.

So there you have it, it looks complicated but in actual fact it is pretty easy! The trick is to get the right tension in the fabric so it isn’t so tight that it wants to slide off the head but not too loose so as to not hold the right shape. Using hairgrips will help to hold it in place whilst you figure it out.

I will be working on variations of this so once I have mastered a few, I will of course share with you all for you to have a go at them 🙂

As always, I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and do let me know how you get on…. Good luck!

Sam x

2 thoughts on “Tying Your Own Turban Part 3: The Turban Twist!

  1. I love this, so cool and you make it look so easy. I’m definitly going to have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing this!

    Jennie from theuglydame.blogspot.com


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